Atlanta Mania Recap Part 1

Greetings Dudes and Dudettes,

As I promised, I have my recap of my experience at the Atlanta Mania below. First off, I want to thank my friend Lisa for experiencing this with me. I'm so glad we did this together.

Ok. I'm going to break it down by day.

I picked Lisa up from her work and we drove over that evening. We stopped for a quick dinner and didn't have too too much traffic or construction. We did arrive fairly late, but that's a time change for you. We checked in to the conference hotel, the Grand Hyatt in Buckhead, and settled in.

We had both signed up for the Aquatic Barre certification on Thursday. Our instructor had emailed and texted to say she'd had some bad travel luck and our training wouldn't start till 9:30, instead of 9am. Billie Wartenberg was our instructor and she was fabulous. We went over quite a lot of anatomy and posture stuff in the lecture portion of the day. Land barre is very focused on posture and that translat…

Getting My Mania On

Just a quick check-in...

I'm headed to Atlanta MANIA tomorrow with a friend for some inspiration and new ideas for my classes. We're also doing an Aqua Barre certification. I'm very excited about that bit. I plan to do a review of my experience when we return.

I've been loving Torrid's activewear. I've indulged a bit during my birthday month to get my class wardrobe to the point I don't have to wash more than once a week. I find their leggings to be very comfortable- thick enough I don't worry about showing anything with pockets and cute prints. I've also gotten a few new low impact bras and tops for complete outfits. Most of them are interchangeable too which makes me happy.

I'll start teaching some new chair yoga classes starting next week. Excited about that. I've been learning chair yoga this summer from my mentor and I'll start one of my new classes next week. :)

More later!


Birthday as a Balsamic Vinegar Reduction

This is post is going to start on a fairly muted note but will end on a high note. I'm turning 34 this week and I'm having some anxiety about it. I've never been one to dread turning older. Usually, I've been excited to get older because it meant I could begin to do things that felt exciting or rewarding. This year feels different. Frankly, this year feels like an afterthought. Some plans for my birthday fell through a couple weeks ago. I have some vague plans to go out to eat with my husband and a friend, but that's about it. I'm pleased to have a night out, but I'm not jazzed. I'm just feeling blah and unsurprised by it and I'm ready to just be 34 already. Ok. I've admitted to some feelings of disappointment and pettiness. I have them. I acknowledge them. And I'm moving on.

I do have some exciting news- I completed my community service hours and I have my Yogafit Level I certificate! I actually got it right at the end of June. Although I g…

A Top I Didn't Know I Needed

So, you know how sometimes you have a favorite thing and you have many of this thing because it's your favorite and you can't imagine that you could want a different version of this thing because you think this thing is already perfect?

No? Just me?

Well, I'm a die-hard Cashmerette fan, in particular the Springfield top. I have made at least six version of that tank top, maybe more like ten. It's a quick sew for me. I've perfected the fit. I've started hacking it into different iterations. I love it.

Sooo....when Helen's Closet asked for testers for a beginner's level tank top, I was happy to help but not terribly enthusiastic about the pattern itself. Because, you see, I had already solved that issue in my closet.

Or I thought I had.

Y'all. I love this top.

It was a sleeper for me. I was unsure if I liked it up to and including putting it on my body to wear for the first time. By the time we got home from a dinner out with friends, I was in love.


Five Month Check In

Later this month will be five months since I completed Yogafit Level I training and I thought I’d check in.  I spent February, March, and April team teaching both gentle yoga and the regular yoga classes at my rec center. So invaluable. While I felt the weekend training was extremely helpful in breaking down how to get in and out of poses and putting together flows, the team teaching I did was where I could see refinement. Diana, my mentor, and I really talked about strategies of teaching, how to turn the class away from the mirror, how to teach with the mirror, how to begin to connect the pose to what people may feel in the pose. We talked about physically getting through a class while talking and how that affects my breath. While I really appreciate the ability to take the Yogafit trainings when it’s convenient, I can also see the benefit of doing a more traditional training that may be 3 or 4 weeks long. I would imagine those trainings have time to address more of the nuances that…

Vacation Mindset

I'm in the midst of packing for a big vacation we're taking with my mom. We're cruising with stops in Key West and Havana, Cuba and I could not be more excited.

For several reasons.

1. I'm going to do awesome relaxing things like read in a deck chair while overlooking the water.
2. I'm going to HAVANA CUBA!!!
3. I'm going to KEY WEST!!! (Both places I've never been.)

and a biggie...

4. I know what I'm going to wear.

I've talked a bit on this blog about how I'm currently in the midst of making lasting positive changes in my life. Part of that process has been learning to sew my own clothing. I'm taking quite a few things I've made with me. My whole wardrobe won't be hand made, but a good 60-70% will be. So knowing what I'm going to wear means so much more to me on this vacation. I know where the fabric came from. I know how it was constructed. I know how much time went into the garments. I know it will fit. I know I will be comfo…

I am a beautiful, psychedelic mushroom.


Helen’s Closet is releasing their new pattern today, Yanta Overalls. This is their first new release in their new extended sizes. I was excited to be one of the testers for this pattern. I chose to sew the short option with a brown 100% cotton micro-whale corduroy from my stash, originally from Fabric Mart Fabrics. I used a batik quilting cotton as the lining to reduce bulk and add a pop of color. I don’t like unfinished pocket interiors so I lined the chest and tush pockets as well. The tester version also had in-seam pockets which I used, but the final version eliminated those and uses front patch pockets. I think that was a smart change as I found the in-seam pockets bulky. I may sew up the seams, cut them off and add the patch pockets later. Helen also raised the tush pockets on the higher end of the size range. I would definitely say my back pockets look a little saggy in placement. I chose to use the clever hidden zipper and I am quite pleased with the added ease.